Colomont has been registered with the State of Vermont’s Department of Agriculture for four years to legally grow hemp.

Since 2015, Colomont has provided fine CBD Oil and Hemp Products to a wide variety of people.

After a fact-finding tour of Colorado in 2014 and the beginning of 2015, Colomont’s founder returned to Vermont and began growing hemp in some of the world’s finest soil.

The name “Colomont” was created to combine the qualities, values, resources and imaginations of these two picturesque states.

Colomont Grower Malik Hines prepares for the 2018 CBD Crop.

Colomont Grower Malik Hines prepares for the 2018 CBD Crop.

Our Mission

Our dream is cultivated by a desire to provide alternative solutions for those in need, and to make a positive contribution to society and the world.


the colomont team

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Chris Santee and Colomont

Colomont was founded in 2014 by our CEO Christopher Santee, who also is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

After being educated in mathematics, accounting, economics, and business at the Albany Academy, Syracuse University, the United States Naval Academy, and Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, Mr. Santee went on to become Chief Executive Officer at the Wall Street Small Cap Report in the 1990’s.

During the 2000’s, Mr. Santee has dedicated his life to work with special needs people who are challenged both physically and mentally.

This led to his research conducted over the past four years on hemp and the benefits of hemp, in particular, the component identified as Cannabidoil, on humans in the states of Colorado and Vermont.

Chris first incorporated Colomont in February 2015 in the State of Vermont as a Limited Liability Company. In March of 2018, Colomont LLC became Colomont, Inc.  Colomont has operated for three full summer growing seasons.

Jack Rybicki, President

Stephen Polak, CFO

Diane "Deedee" Iorlano, Secretary

William D. Greer, Consultant

Stephen C. Trombley, Growing Supervisor
Franklin County, Vermont

Born and raised in Sheldon Vermont, stemming from six generations of farming skills and practices on a single piece of land handed down over 150 years, Stephen Trombley was indoctrinated into farming before he was born; it's in his blood. Until the age of 9 when he moved to Southern California, Stephen was in the garden or woods, learning, observing, and paying close attention to how things grow and the way things work in the natural environment. With the knowledge handed down to him from the previous generations, Stephen's green thumb spread to all his fingers, and he would soon find a need for this when he arrived in California for the next 17 years. While in and around California, Stephen was exposed to a different kinds of growing.  Surrounded by generations of cannibas growers, he learned and observed the way things grow in that world, from warehouse operations to a special outdoor backyard perennial cannibas garden that has been alive for over two decades;  Stephen was surrounding himself with another growing style, but something was calling him back to Vermont farming and in 2014, he packed up and headed home. Not long after being back in the green mountain state, he was back at it in the garden and had a plan. Stephen's Home Grown LLC was born, a home based farm dedicated to local businesses and community, serving local families, restaurants, brewers, and markets with clean, fresh, non-GMO locally grown produce and commodities. Stephen noticed a flaw in the food system and figured he would be the change he wanted to see, rather then wait for things to change on their own.  He applied his concept and for Stephen's Home Grown business was only going to grow for the better of the community. For the past 30 years Stephen has been and is a farmer.  With the recent developments of meeting Chris "Rocky" Santee and the start up of Colomont, Stephen has taken a step into the Hemp world and knows that only the sky is the limit.... let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

Susan "Susie" Richard, Investment Relations and Operations Manager

Born and raised here in Vermont, Susie worked at Misissiquoi Valley Union High School in Swanton in the late 80’s.  She dedicated her life to the school and the students, who she treated like her own, known to them as Ms. T. (Trombley).  She left the school and moved to California in 1996.

While in CA, Susie worked as an Operations Coordinator/Supervisor at Nortel Networks in La Jolla, then moved on to become an Administrative Services Analyst II in Fiscal Control with Riverside County Information Technology, Communications Bureau in Moreno Valley, CA.  

In 2010, Susie moved back to Vermont to become a care caregiver to her mother who was an Alzheimer’s patient.  Her latest endeavor is working in the real estate world as an executive assistant, closing coordinator, and office manager.  

She’s a dedicated professional with over 30 years of analytical, administrative, policy, and procedure experience who is always looking for ways to improve processes and use her skills to the fullest for achieving organizational goals. 

Susie's love and compassion for others have always inclined her to help those in need and to do whatever she could to help others.

Anti-Addiction Department: Mary Fletcher Stanley

Mary Fletcher Stanley brings with her more than 10 years of experience providing chemical substance prevention and education and community outreach in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties of Vermont.

Ms. Stanley spent four years as the Strategic Prevention Framework Coordinator with Franklin County Caring Communities administering a Federal grant targeting decreased underage and high risk drinking in adolescents and young adults. Ms. Stanley spent one year as the Director of the Grand Isle County Prevention Coalition charged with education and reduction of high risk drinking in adolescents and young adults.

Ms Stanley liaised with Franklin County Law Enforcement on behalf of Franklin and Grand Isle County Prevention Coalitions to bring awareness through multimedia sources regarding the dangers of alcohol/drug use, misuse, and addiction.

Ms. Stanley brings with her 10 years of experience as a CRASH Facilitator for The Howard Center, serving Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.

Ms. Stanley developed the SURE Program to meet the needs of Court Diversion education requirements with regard to adolescent and young adults having received underage drinking violations.

Ms. Stanley has a B.S. in Human Services with Springfield College centered on Addictions Studies. She also expects to finish her M.S. in Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield College in Oct 2018.

Freddy Morin, Colomont Fairfax

Freddy Morin, Colomont Fairfax

Malik Hines, Grower

Malik Hines, Grower

Evan Moreau, Grower

Ian Wheeler, Grower

Willis Cook, Security

Willis Cook, Security